Assessing volume, biomass and carbon stocks of trees and forests.

Software tutorial

This tutorial provides information on how to install and use the free Fantallometrik Software. Following the structure of the software, the tutorial consists of three modules: comparison of tree allometric equations; assessment of volume, biomass and carbon stock; insertion of new allometric equations. Details of the software functions for each modules are provided. The appendix contains a description of the structure of the input files required by the software, a list of the functions used to assess biomass and carbon stock, and maps of the five ecological zone classifications.

Download the software tutorial (1.3 MB)

Tutorial on tree allometric equation database development

This tutorial provides detailed information on the structure of the database and about the procedures and methodology for entering data. Additional information is provided on how to search for articles, reports and documents containing allometric equations; how to manage references using RIS format reference management software; how to geo-reference and to spatialize the data using the most common GIS software.

Download the tutorial on tree allometric equation database development (1.3 MB)

Wood density database tutorial

GlobAllomeTree enables users to host and share data on wood density through a structured database with adaptable access restriction based on the needs of the data owner. This tutorial presents the template and a step-by-step guide to structure the data in GlobAllomeTree wood density database.

Download the wood density tutorial (2.3 MB)

Manual for building tree volume and biomass allometric equations

Jointly published by FAO and CIRAD, the Manual for Building Tree Volume and Biomass Allometric Equations is the first tool to provide all the necessary information for developing allometric equations, from the field level to biomass estimation. The appropriate development and use of tree allometric equations is particularly important when assessing forest carbon stocks and changes in them. Therefore, the development of accurate allometric equations will help national policymakers to make informed decisions on bioenergy development and climate change mitigation.

The manual is available with good quality images (around 10 Mb):

Download the manual in English (8.1 MB)

Download the manual in French (8.7 MB)

Download the manual in Spanish (9.8 MB)

Or in a lighter version (around 3 Mb) where pictures resolution have been reduced:

Download the manual in English (2.7 MB)

Download the manual in French (3.1 MB)

Download the manual in Spanish (3.9 MB)

A summary of the manual (20 pages) is also available:

Download the summary in English (2.3 MB)

Download the summary in French (2.3 MB)

Download the summary in Spanish (2.3 MB)

Scientific articles

Here you can find links to articles providing information about GlobAllomeTree and associated tools.

Henry M, Bombelli A, Trotta C, Alessandrini A, Birigazzi L, Sola G, Vieilledent G, Santenoise P, Longuetaud F, Valentini R, Picard N, SaiGlobAllomeTree: international platform for tree allometric equations to support volume, biomass and carbon assessment. iForest (early view) - doi: 10.3832/ifor0901-006