Assessing volume, biomass and carbon stocks of trees and forests.

Fantallometrik is the first software tool for calculating tree volume, biomass and carbon that takes into account existing tree allometric equations at the continental and global levels. The software is designed to help research organizations, forest companies, NGOs and other forest stakeholders improve their assessments of volume, biomass and carbon stocks by implementing quality-control measures and comparing existing models. Fantallometrik consists of the following three complementary modules.

1 Compare tree allometric equations

This module provides a methodology for comparing existing tree allometric equations for a given geographical location (i.e. specific site, ecological zone, country or continent). Users can select an ecological classification from among five sources (i.e. FAO, Udvardy, WWF, Holdridge and Bailey). Results can be downloaded.

2 Assess volume, biomass and carbon stocks

This module provides a methodology for calculating volume, biomass, carbon stocks and descriptive statistics (e.g. error, confidence interval and median) and comparing data with default values from the scientific literature. The tool also assesses the variables of interest in the results obtained.

3 Insert new equations

This module allows users to enrich the database by adding new tree allometric equations. New equations will be inserted into users’ profile databases by default. Equations can also be submitted to GlobAllomeTree for review and potential insertion in the online database.

The databases provided on the GlobAllomeTree website can be imported in Fantallometrik Software as txt files.


FANTALLOMETRIK Software (c) is free, but it works only under windows operating systems. You will be required to accept a licence agreement before downloading. Please read carefully the instructions in the tutorial before using the software.


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